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Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences

Faculty Research Interests

Faculty Research Interests

Developmental Genetics
Genetics & Genomics
Genetics & Models of Human Disease


Developmental Genetics

Conlon, Ronald : Gene controlling morphogenesis and pattern formation in mice
Harte, Peter : Epigenetic silencing mechanisms, chromatin structure and transcription.
Li, Yan : Stem cell biology; Epigenomics; Transcription regulation by enhancers
Lou, Hua : Mechanisms that regulate alternative RNA processing in mammals
Runge, Kurt : Cell aging and telomere replication and function in yeast
Salz, Helen : Understanding the genetic differences between males and females
Tesar, Paul : Stem cell pluripotency and differentiation; developmental neurobiology, glia, remyelination, high throughput screening, therapeutic development

Genetics & Genomics

Harris, Ann : Functional genomics of human epithelia; Regulation of CFTR gene expression.
Jin, Fulai : Transcriptional regulation; 3D genome architecture; Cancer Genomics
LaFramboise, Thomas : Cancer genomics; cancer genetics; computational biology
Scacheri, Peter : Genomics of cancer and other human diseases with underlying defects in chromatin structure and function

Genetics & Models of Human Disease

Buchner, David : Genetics and epigenetics of obesity and diabetes
Khalil, Ahmad : Epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation by non-coding RNAs in human health and disease
Luo, Guangbin : Modeling human cancer in mice.
Matthews, Anne : Genetic counseling; clinical issues in genetic testing and counseling
Miranda, Helen : Contributions of multiple cell types to neuromuscular and neurodegenerative disorders using patient derived stem cell modeling
Mitchell, Anna : Genetics of connective tissue disorders
Schaffer, Ashleigh : Gene discovery and disease mechanisms of inherited pediatric neurodegeneration
Wang, Zhenghe : Protein tyrosine phosphatases in cancer development, Cancer Genetics
Wynshaw-Boris, Anthony : Pathophysiology and Therapies of Human Neurogenetic Diseases